Ask the Insulation Expert – Jamon Selinger

insulation expert

Ask the Insulation Expert – Jamon Selinger

Why Spray Foam IS Quieter

  • Seals small openings such as cracks around doors and electrical outlets to minimize the transmission of sound
  • Minimizes noise originating from plumbing pipes within walls
  • Encapsulates home theaters for enhanced sound proofing
  • Reduces airborne sound that originates from the external environment (airplanes, wind and traffic)

Reducing air leakage can make a home quieter.

Many annoying noises in our homes travel in the air: from plumbing, music (especially music we don’t like), the street and more. An insulation/air barrier helps minimize these types of sounds by reducing airflow, particularly in:

  • Home theaters
  • Around plumbing runs
  • Playrooms
  • Workshops

Icynene is ideal for applications where quiet is a must. When Icynene is sprayed into walls, ceilings and floors, building occupants are uninterrupted by airborne sound (human speech, stereos, and plumbing runs) and flanking sound (sound transmitted through the building structure). Icynene ensures a haven of peace and quiet by completely filling and sealing every penetration such as cracks around doors, electrical outlets, and plumbing pipes within walls.


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