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Ask the Motivation Expert – Matt Maddix

The 3 P`s of Your Life

If you are like me, you’ve most likely had times in your life where you came to a crossroad and you just didn’t know what to do. We can’t hardly escape life without reaching the fork in the road where we simply have to make the tough call. Sure it’s an uneasy feeling, and at times frightening when we have major decisions to make especially when it affects our family, walk with God, calling and career.  I’ve learned to follow the 3 P’s whenever I reach those forks in the road and don’t know what to do.


The smartest thing that anyone can do is to take time to really seek God for wisdom in these moments. I’ve learned that when I go to God in prayer and ask Him to lead me and guide my steps; he is always faithful to show me the right way. It’s easy to get so busy or distracted with the decision that we forget that we truly have a Higher Power that will give us the strength to do the right thing. The Bible says, “God is a VERY present HELP in the time of trouble!” The next time you find yourselves in trouble or facing a difficult decision, look for God and just know that He will lead you.


Anytime I have to make a difficult decision in my life, the very thing that I look for is peace. A lack of peace always means that God is telling you, “No,” or “Wait!” The Bible teaches us that God is not the author of confusion, but of peace. Usually God’s way of speaking to us is to cause or allow confusion in our minds. I’ve learned that God always speaks to us according to peace. The stronger that you have peace about something, the more likely the chance that God is giving you the green light. If you do not have the green light, then God is saying, “Pause!”


This is where a lot of us struggle, especially when we want the answer now! However, it never hurts to wait after you have asked God for direction. Sometimes the right thing to do is simply pause. The Bible tells us, “Be STILL and know that I am God!” Psalms 23 says, “He leads us beside the STILL waters!” Many times God is showing us that we need to pause. If God gives you the pause signal in your heart and mind, then follow that and get still. God always speaks to us the most when we are still.

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