Ask the Yoga Expert – Kelda Anderson


Ask the Yoga Expert – Kelda Anderson

5 Reasons to Take a Yoga Teacher Training

Most people who start going to yoga soon find that they want to share that experience, the Bliss. They teach some basic poses to friends and family and offer encouragement to newbies in their classes. One day they may see that their favorite yoga studio is offering a teacher training and the wheels start to turn.  Am I ready?  Should I become a teacher? The simple answer is yes!

  1. Community/friends. – As you started your yogic journey you may have tried to convince all of your friends to come too. Some did. Some didn’t. You don’t want to be that “culty” friend who desperately pushes their friends into coming to class all the time. Taking a teacher training allows you to connect with people on a similar path as you. You’re not going to dump your non yogi friends and you don’t “need” a partner for every class but its cool to have someone you can invite to a kirtan concert without having to explain it for a half an hour.
  1. Get deeper. – Maybe you’ve taken exclusively studio classes, DVD classes or a workshop here or there but a teacher training goes deeper. Philosophy, anatomy, history. Soon, yoga becomes about self realization, not bending yourself in crazy positions. The more you learn about yoga, the more questions you have.
  1. Become a “yogi”. – Teacher trainings de-mystify the many processes of yoga. You’ll learn how to integrate the practices on a wholistic level. So you no longer do yoga twice or three times a week. Everyday you wake up and embody it. You don’t do yoga anymore. You are yoga.
  1. Get out of the mainstream. – It’s easy to get sucked into the idea that yoga is just about stretching. And when you go to a one hour class there’s little time for more than that. Classes would be over 5 hours long if we tried to pack it all in! With a teacher training you’ll learn about kriyas (cleaning the body), pranayamas (breathing exercises), kirtan (chanting) and so much more.
  1. Create a career that you’re passionate about. -Not everyone will want to teach. Some people take trainings just to deepen their practice. But when you do what you love and love what you do your career doesn’t seem like work anymore.

If you’re thinking about taking a teacher training, call us!  We run a part time program every year. The next program starts February 2014. ~Namaste.