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Ask the Motivation Expert – Matt Maddix

How to Bounce Back after a Failure

When was the last time that you met someone who was truly perfect or didn’t have some failures in life? You will never meet a human being who has done it all right every time. In fact, the most successful people in the world have experienced some of the greatest failures and setbacks. Welcome to the Hall of Fame of Failures; it’s a fact of Life that we will at times say or do things that we know we shouldn’t have said or done.

It’s sad to me that we all get so hung up on our past failures and allow them to drain the energy and passion right out of our future.  Life is too short for us to allow our past “failures” to keep us from getting up and trying again or living the life that we were created to live.  However, what separates winners from losers and the successful from the unsuccessful is one word, “Persistence!” The best way to bounce back from a failure is to have such a deep passionate attitude of persistence that refuses to give up regardless of the mistake or setback. There are 3 other practical ways to bounce back from a Failure or Setback.

(1) Develop the Right Mindset –

If we are to bounce back from a failure, we are going to have to think right. Our thoughts are so powerful that the Bible teaches us that, “Whatsoever a man thinks, so is he…” We can’t afford a day of negative thinking or a lifestyle of negative thinking patterns. When those negative thoughts creep in, banish them with the scriptural admonition to think on things that are “true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous and praiseworthy.” (Philippians 4:8) We must develop the proper perspective about failure. I’ve learned to almost crave “failure” in my life because I know that each “failure” will teach me a Life Lesson which will make me stronger, wiser and more determined. The best way to face a failure is to accept it, learn from it and then start thinking extremely positive about your future.

(2) Learn from It and Apply the Lesson –

I’ve always taught my son, “Caleb, don’t waste your failures!” God doesn’t make mistakes; our lives are divinely ordered by God, and something GOOD will come forth from every failure and setback in our life. However, it’s important that we don’t waste our failures by missing the lesson that God and life is trying to teach us. Suppose you were given a huge raise last year, yet you are more in debt than ever before. You would be wise to sit down and make a list of the Lessons you learned from blowing your money; then determine what needs to be changed. I’m a list maker and love to evaluate my life. If I experience a failure, I’ll usually write the failure at the top of a piece of paper and start listing ALL the lessons that I learned. Can you imagine the benefits we would reap if we all did this and taught our children to do the same?

(3) Get Moving and Take Massive Action

I’ve always said, “We should do our best things in the worst times!” If you have failed and blown it, it’s time to get up and get moving again! Think right, speak positive, learn from it and then take aggressive massive action to become a highly successful person in spite of your past failures. I’ve taught my son, Caleb, that the best revenge for his critics is Massive Success! I’ve always trained him that when facing criticism from others or from his own inner voices, (which can be the worst on us), he should learn to “Outlive It!” When you develop a mentality that you are going to bounce back and outlive your critics, you’ll start seeing incredible results in your life.

Thank you for being a person who chooses to live a passionate life. God has great things in store for your future in spite of how badly you may have blown it.  Stay strong! Don’t ever give up or settle for a lifestyle of feeling like a failure. You are not defeated, and you will be back on top again. Let’s go, my friends! It’s time to bounce back and show the world, “I’m still here, and I shall be better than ever before!”