Ask the Insulation Expert – Brad Redl


Ask the Insulation Expert – Brad Redl

Concerns about Spray Foam

Do I still need a vapor barrier?

2lb spray polyurethane foam does not require an additional vapor barrier.

How much does Spray Foam cost?

The cost of spray foam is dependant on the accesibility of the area sprayed and the thickness of the spray foam applied. For a detailed, free, no-obligation estimate, call us.

Is Spray Foam environmentally friendly?

spray foam gets into hard to reach spacesPolarfoam Soya 7300-0 is made of recycled plastic bottles and renewable resources such as soya-bean oil. What you are saving on your heating bill is also reducing your carbon footprint every single month

What is R-value?

The capacity of insulating material to resist heat flow. Under uniform conditions it is the difference in temperatures on two sides of an insulator.

What is the R-value of spray foam?

The R-value of spray foam is double that of fiberglass. However, under real world conditions the effective insulation value is far higher. For further information see: R-Value Fairytale

Why is spray foam the better choice?

Besides insulating better spray foam increases the structural strength of your home (by up to 300% increase in sheer and racking strength).

Does spray foam attract mice?

Spray foam is not a food source or nesting material for rodents or insects.

Does moisture affect cured spray foam?

No, closed-celled spray foam is water resistant. Spray foam does not support the growth of mold.

Is Spray Foam safe for my home?

Yes, when used in an occupied space, spray foam must be certified and applied by a certified installer. At Enviro home we only use CUFCA certified Polar Foam and all of our installers are CUFCA certified.

Does Spray Foam off-gas?

During application and immediately after, there is some off-gassing. Safe occupancy is 24 hours after application. For more information refer to: Green Guard.

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