Ask the Wine Making Expert – Harm Woldring


Ask the Wine Making Expert – Harm Woldring 

People have been making wine since before recorded history! There are thousands of wineries worldwide, we are one of them! The difference between our winery and the commercial ones you may have toured is that at The Wine Factory you are the legal maker of the wine. The advantages of being your own wine maker are numerous. The biggest benefit for many however, is that wines you make yourself, whether at home or with a profes­sional service provider like us, are virtually TAX FREE. What differ­ence does that make? Well on average a bottle of wine purchased in a liquor store in BC delivers about $10-$12 in profits and tax revenue to the Province and Federal Governments. We are often asked why a bottle of wine purchased in BC for say $15 is available at retail just across the border for $5 or even less; – the answer TAXES and markups. The downside, if there is one, is that making your own wine takes a bit of time and effort, planning and mostly patience. The old adage ‘Good wine takes time’ is as true here, or in your home, as it is in any winery anywhere in the world.

The Wine Factory has been helping our customers make their own wines for over 20 years and is consistently vot­ed the #1 wine making shop in New Westminster. We are your local source for high qual­ity grape juice products, equipment, ser­vice and advice. Our juices are supplied by major multi-national businesses that own and operate thousands of vineyards and wineries, breweries and distilleries around the world. We offer hundreds of choices of the world’s most popular and greatest wine styles at prices that make choosing wine as part of your daily life­style fun and affordable. The juices we offer are the same as those that indus­trial wineries use, whether mom and pop operations or large industrial ones use. The difference is that ours have been pro­cessed, pasteurized and use grape juice concentrate as natural preservatives to make them shelf stable and available year round to suit your schedule.

One of the other positives of making your own wines is that, typically, they con­tain far less of the addi­tives potassium’s metabi­sulphite and sorbate that keep wines shelf stable for long periods time. In addition, at The Wine Factory we also DON’T USE products like chitosan, kieselsol, isinglass and egg whites to clear excess grape solids from wines dur­ing the maturation process. Research has shown that it is often the proteins in these products, which are used in commercial wine making, that are the primary cause of allergic reactions in wine drinkers. The fact that we don’t use these products also means our wines meet the standards for Vegan products since they contain no ani­mal proteins.

So, if wine is part of your lifestyle, or you’d like it to be, you should consider becom­ing your own winemaker! It’s easy, fun, entertaining, provides high quality prod­ucts with some clear advantages over commercial alternatives. All that and it will save you money too! Come in and see for yourself what the craft of winemaking is all about.